The Sun and Adele in Taurus

The seasons have turned with the Sun moving into Taurus today, April 19th where it will remain through May 20th. The bull charging against a perceived enemy or simply standing still upon the far hill symbolizes the stubborn, enduring strength of this fixed, earth sign. Wise friends and partners of those born in Taurus will present their suggestions or arguments cogently, while always allowing the bull to say no before attempting to change their mind.  

There is a sensuous, pragmatic appreciation for the pleasures in life with the Taurus soul stoically gathering those items they believe will sustain their comfort – whether it’s money, a house, social status or career success.   Venus, who knows a few things about personal pleasure, rules Taurus and confers artistic gifts or tactile appreciation of form and function.

The area of the body associated with Taurus is the neck, including the thyroid and larynx. The melodious Taurean voice may erupt into song (Adele, born May 5th) or peal with laughter at the slightly off color joke just told. Either way – there is an unpretentious charm when they laze about or stride forth through life. Make room or get out of the way- Taurus is in the house.