Mercury Retrograde: One Day Late!

Pablo Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

In cosmic synchronicity, this post goes up one day into the Mercury retrograde cycle which began in Toronto on August 30th at 9:04 am in the critical 29th degree of Virgo. There must be important unfinished business for Mercury to almost leave Virgo and then decide to station retrograde. From our earthly perspective, fleet of foot Mercury will methodically appear to move backward (no planet in our solar system actually orbits backward) until it stations direct at 14 degrees of Virgo just before the Vernal Equinox, September 22nd at 1:31 am.

Consider then, in August what appeared to be finished. Was there a joint project at work that appeared to be all wrapped up, ready to see the light of day and suddenly now there is a glitch? Did you breakup with a summer sweetheart and today have second thoughts? Just gone off to college and regret leaving family, friends and the deep end of the pool? Take a moment, consider what you’ve experienced, achieved, gained and conquered in summer and do all the important ‘re’ words: reconsider, revisit, rethink, revise…etc.

This Mercury retrograde cycle wears the garb of the zodiacal sign Virgo, who is particularly good at logically harvesting the bumper crop of life and separating the wheat from the shaft. Yes, there may be technical issues with email, important contracts should be signed in late September and your usual double espresso in the afternoon may not clear the mental fog associated with Mercury retrograde.

Really, though – life doesn’t stop in a Mercury retrograde cycle, so be smart, like Virgo (aka Demeter in Greek myth, Ceres in old Rome) and gather your wits about you! Take a critical look at yourself, the downstairs closet that hasn’t been opened in months and perhaps your bank account and ponder “what should I keep, what should be recycled or composted?” When the Vernal Equinox does roll around on September 22nd, you’ll be ready to “fall” into autumn with the elegant balance that a Sun in Libra demands.