Squaring the Circle in Astrology

Circles and squares are just a few of sacred geometry’s gifts integrated into the symbolic language of astrology. Understand the meaning behind the holy shapes and intuitive apprehension becomes possible.

The circle is the sign of infinity. With no beginning or end it aligns with planetary orbs and in particular the Sun. A dot added at the center point of the circle signifies the soul’s inclusion in infinity. Step into the middle of the circle and align yourself with the four directions: east, north, west and south. These are the cardinal or prime directions that inform and direct our soul’s energies. Add above and below and it becomes a multi-directional conduit. We have created sacred space.

A sacred circle brought to life may be sectioned off into 360 degree points that shimmer with star lit dynamism. Place planets within the apportioned sphere and you have created a sky map filled with story, myth, archetype and hidden wisdom. Time is fluid here allowing for the significance of a natal chart to direct the soul’s purpose, while the past and future shape the relentless ebb and flow.

This astrological framework is inclusive, allowing for multidiscipline intersectionality that includes archeology, astronomy, anthropology, physics, mathematics, philosophy, ethics, history, art, poetry, song and dance. It is nondiscriminatory making room for any and all cultures, classes, ethnicities, faiths, gender expressions, and sexual preferences. The circle embraces and includes by the very nature of its infinite contour.

The square has four equal sides that imply structure. It is measurable with a rational beginning and end. Reason and knowledge is manifested; brought to life in concrete form. Its purpose is to contain and its nature is to attempt to surround infinity.


To “square the circle” is to manifest the spirit in our everyday world.  Taking compass and straightedge a circle encased by a square can be drawn. Ancient geometers and modern computer programmers come to the same conclusion: it is impossible to perfectly encase the circle within the square. The sacred circle remains divine and implies our search for unity remains unending.

East, North, West and South. Above and Below. All the sacred points between. The circle held within a square speaks to the infinite possibility of life. Open your eyes, unplug your ears, loosen your tongue, sniff the winds of change and open your arms to the life around you. Dance in celebration. You have become one with the cosmos for this brief, perfect moment in time.

Now…go out and do something wonderful.

Jodie Foster: Mars in Leo Shouts “Action!”

Twice awarded an Oscar for Best Actress, Jodie Foster is currently featured in Hotel Artemis, a first time action film by newbie director Drew Pearce. Foster reviews her long career in a recent video created for Vanity Fair, articulating her natal Mars in the fixed, fire sign of Leo. Listen carefully, for in the course of 11 short minutes, Foster’s Mars shouts “Action” in a uniquely dramatic, creative reveal.

Foster has a dynamic natal chart with a Scorpio Sun hiding in plain sight in the 12th house. The Sun is the tail end of an impressive 11th house stellium of Mercury, Venus and Neptune all in the same fixed, water sign of Scorpio. Disciplined artistic desire harnessed to a razor sharp intellect, hard won value system and a creative immersion into shadows deep hints at the esoteric power unleashed in the public sphere of wishes, dreams, and civic society. Foster counters this with an analytical 9th house Virgo Moon – also in a powerful stellium with Pluto and Uranus. Using a practical, objectively balanced emotional life regarding life’s big philosophical questions, Foster harnesses a prophetic independence and an uncanny ability to transform through ethical crisis. She is an emotive, living and breathing survivor of what life has thrown at her.

Foster’s Sagittarian Ascendant suits her well, with so much natal focus in the 9th house. The chart’s ruler, Jupiter swims in the 3rd house through the ocean blue of mutable Pisces. The wounded healer, Chiron teams up with Jupiter to oppose the Moon and company in a balancing act of opposition. The discriminating Moon seesaws against Jupiter’s universal message and Chiron’s doubt in the wisdom of saying anything at all. Foster has been in the public eye for over 50 years and has won the right to choose when to share her vulnerability as well as survivor’s emotional strength.

Finally, we come to Foster’s natal Mars. Whether in full roar or quiet purr, this dramatic and at times flamboyant 8th house Mars in Leo finds itself square to the Sun’s stellium in Scorpio. Mars in Leo personalizes the creative action, digging deep into the mysterious stuff of life and death that crystalizes an 8th house experience. So, though Mars drives Foster’s individual creative energy, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune demand that the result relates back to the underworld journey of Scorpio and the 8th house. Foster begins the video with the opening statement “is it true or not true?” allowing this unique and proud artist to shine with Leonine strength. She repeatedly verbalizes through the video how she “beat down the door”, “banged down the door”, “punch(ed) some people in the head” for her iconic roles, giving voice to the creative frisson created by Sun stellium square Mars. Foster has harnessed the square’s creative tension with two Oscar winning performances: the young waitress, Sarah Tobias in The Accused and FBI agent, Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs. She sums up this career review’s theme “When I really love something, I smack people in the head in order to get it.” Mars in Leo, placed in the 8th house in square to an 11th house Scorpio Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune articulated.

The summation of this blog post is saved for Foster’s Saturn. In the sign of the community minded, rational air sign of Aquarius and placed in the 2nd house of personal values and resources, Foster will experience a 2nd Saturn Return in February 2021. She states in the video that she intends to direct more than act. In the upcoming years, utilizing the wealth of her personal experience, values and resources in creative endeavor for the betterment of the larger community may be a way through the challenges of maturity awakened through the Saturn return.

Jodie Foster is a multidimensional, creative, disciplined artist who magically brings to life her natal chart and especially the personal planet Mars through the Neptunian portal of the Vanity Fair video. Mars in Leo shouts for all to hear “Action!” Let Saturn holler “and Cut”.