Guillermo del Toro – At Home With Pluto

Guillermo del Toro – film director, screenwriter, creative auteur of fantastical monsters, evil men and empowered women. Who is the man?

The Art Gallery of Ontario’s current exhibit Guillermo del Toro: At Home With Monsters takes “inspiration from del Toro’s extraordinary imagination, reveals his creative process through his personal collection of art, artefacts, books, and props, all culled from Bleak House, del Toro’s creative haven located in Los Angeles.” (    I got a chance to view the show early on a quiet Sunday morning, before the normal crowds arrived. At every turn, del Toro’s genius springs up from the dark shadows of humanity’s beating heart and aligns him with the esoteric power of Pluto.

Born on October 9, 1964 in Guadalajara, Mexico, del Toro has no publically known birth time. As an astrologer though, I believe his work pulsates with the touch of Pluto’s underworld energy. With a bit of fantastical thinking of my own, I’ve chosen to rectify his birth time to 4:37 AM (see chart below), placing his natal new moon in the sign ruled by Pluto, in the critical degree of 29 Scorpio. This moon sits with Neptune in the 3rd house of day to day communication – gifting him with the drive to communicate the underworld energies of this passionate, intense new moon energy.

Pluto also dominates the Virgo ascendant angle in this natal chart – announcing the importance of Scorpion themes that the chart’s ruler, Mercury will communicate in the sphere of its influence, the 10th house of public life and career.  There will also be a need to physically and socially manifest Pluto thru the ASC and 1st house, with Mercurial wit and intelligence balanced on Libra’s fair scales of justice. 

In del Toro’s Wikipedia page, the claim is he picked up his father’s Super 8 camera at age 8 and began to make short films. Note in the dual chart below his natal Saturn is in the 6th house square the 3rd house Scorpio Moon. Del Toro must physically labor in the day to day of life to manifest the moon’s creativity. Around age 8, transiting Saturn in Gemini conjuncted the mid-heaven in three distinct hits and later conjuncted his natal North Node in Gemini, suggesting his early interest in film was no accident but part of a life’s plan.


In astrology land, I often look for serendipity in groups of 3 when working with a chart and more with an unknown birth time. For the purpose of brevity, I have counted the Scorpio moon as #1, the Saturn 10th house transit at age 8 as #2. Now for #3.

Once again as per Wikipedia, in 1997 the 33 y/o del Toro was given a $30 million budget to shoot the film Mimic for Miramax. Following this career coup, his father was kidnapped in Guadalajara, culminating in del Toro and his family’s involuntary exile from Mexico.

Del Toro’s 1977 chart below shows transiting in the 8th house of life and death, Saturn in martial Aries opposes del Toro’s natal Libra Sun located in the 2nd.

Astrology doesn’t necessarily express itself so concretely, but in this quick assessment the pieces fall together nicely. Saturn’s archetype of the elder comes alive:  it is del Toro’s father who is threatened in an 8th house life/death situation. Del Toro was literately forced to make the choice inherent in an opposition and chose a transformative, life giving 8th house move away from his country of birth.

Trick or treat – this is my Halloween gift to you. Know that this natal chart has been creatively rectified to suit a particular interpretation of one person’s birth on a particularly monstrous day. Reader be(a)ware!

The exhibit remains at the AGO until January 7th, 2018. Toronto is a great town for a weekend visit, so consider Guillermo del Toro in the light of both his creative work and natal astrological potential as he beckons you to join him At Home With Monsters.


Wendy Williams Swimming Thru Life

1.2 W. Williams jpeg NC

Wendy Williams is a TV and radio entertainment personality who I follow on YouTube. Yes – I’ve cut the cord and for fun I find myself watching all sorts of media on YouTube. Somehow, I found Wendy and have since returned multiple times to listen to this very funny, wise and vulnerable woman.  (Wendy Williams Show)  She was born in Asbury Park, NJ on Saturday, July 18, 1964 under a waxing First Quarter Moon. No birth time is publically known, leading Wendy’s natal chart to be cast at 12:00 N. For a certainty, Wendy was born under a Cancer Sun, with the Moon in Scorpio. Her Ascendant can only be speculated at. When I watch the public persona of Wendy, the entertainer, a bit of the private person shines authentically through. Let’s take a look in more detail.

A Sun in Cancer often displays a sympathetic, sensitive, nurturing personality, often protective of those they love. Mood swings, defensive attitudes, easily slighted – a Cancer Sun’s home normally becomes a private retreat to retire from the world’s burdens. This is a cardinal water sign – there is an uncanny ability to grab and hold tight to material things suggesting the home would be a well-feathered nest of safety and comfort.   A Scorpio Moon brings feelings of intensity and passion to the fore. There is a need for complete, full emotional buy in, whether it is publically shown or held close to the chest. Intuitively, a Scorpio Moon is street wise and savvy, finding ways to ride the ups and downs of life with a certain élan. The First Quarter Moon phase is all about growth. There is an emotional need to act out and express what is important to the outer world. And in this particular natal chart, Neptune in Scorpio is reflected in the Moon’s gaze, leading to the art of illusion along with an ache for emotional fulfillment.

Intuitive, sensitive and most certainly creative, Wendy is successful at maintaining our gaze under the harsh lights of TV and other media. She has overcome drug addiction, fertility issues and career difficulties while sharing her story publically along the way. She has built a brash and talkative career first in radio and now in TV, that allows both for emotional fragility while displaying an unusual awareness towards the people she interviews or dishes about. Finally, financially she appears astute. With bestselling books under her belt, movie and media appearances and a recently launched clothing line on the HSN network, it appears Wendy’s home may indeed reflect a certain level of hard earned comfort. Bravo, Wendy – the potential of your natal chart’s Sun and Moon shines through in such human authenticity.