Queer Astrology

31 Pride Color RosesQueer: common definitions include not usual, eccentric, and if used as a noun a radical LGBTQ person and their allies. Apply it to astrology and suddenly you have a non-normative study of the zodiac. Queer Astrology disrupts heteronormative views commonly held in mainstream astrology.

Take the common phrase “men are from Mars and women are from Venus.” This infers that Mars and Venus represent separate biologically determined, binary characteristics. In 2016, gender orientation and sexual identity are emerging out of the either/or system into one that expresses a fluid, rainbow of queerness. Suddenly a person can express Mars’ aggression and Venus’ passion independent of their gender, sexual identity or for that matter race, class, ethnicity or any other classification.

Astrologers who counsel queerly are reinterpreting the many myths, legends and archetypes for a person living their life in diverse, disruptive, sometimes ambiguous, and often complicated trans-formative ways. Co-creative, undisturbed by old genres and unafraid of the path least taken, the astrologer giving the reading and the person receiving it are both liberated to explore new keywords that unlock the door to a vibrant, authentically lived life.

For more information, go to the www.queerastrology.com website or find them on Facebook.  Interested in disrupting the normative astrological paradigm or just want to share knowledge – get in touch with me via email:  dragonheartastrology@gmail.com

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NYC Pride Parade, June 2009

Happy Pride Month!