Astrology’s World View

 77 Multiple world globesAstrology offers a world view to those who would look. Like every other type of mental construct, astrology comes loaded with cultural baggage. Vedic astrological theory arises from a Hindu world view, while Chinese astrology is closely aligned with Confucian philosophy. Western or Hellenistic astrology grew in the firmament of ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece.  These traditional archetypes of myth and legend travel through time and human development while continuing to add texture and shape to 21rst century practice. 

My frame of cultural reference is through the lens of Western astrology. My training has been influenced and lead by a team of modern 20th century astrologers who in turn were influenced by the great lights of Alan Leo and Dane Rudhyar, among many others.   Known as psychological astrology, modern practitioners such as the trained Jungian analyst and astrologer Liz Greene, the humanistic astrologer Noel Tyl, and the archetypal, transpersonal astrologer Richard Tarnas have moved the astrological community into what some would call the 21st century, post-modern era. Robert Hand said it best, “Post-modern astrology will not be a fatalistic fortune-telling astrology, it will be an astrology of enlightenment, self-realization, self-actualization and consciousness, that just happens to include all of the rest of astrology.” (This quote is taken from an article posted at

Theory shapes praxis. When a client joins me in a reading, together we are exploring the potential of their natal chart, the possibilities of the current transits and the trends associated with their solar return and secondary progressions. My intention is to offer a map of possible roads to take, complete with cautionary sign posts and alternative routes towards the client’s self-actualization and cosmic enlightenment. There are mundane questions to answer – “should I go into debt and buy the house?” as well as larger concerns – “what is my purpose in life?” Both queries are equally important and necessary to a life well lived.

78 Man Perched Mountain Looking CityInterested in this world view? Are you open to the synchronous connections between yourself and the cosmos? Then get started! Find an astrologer in your area that is competent and humane and get a reading! Send me an email at and let’s set up a consult.  Your world view may never be the same.