Fireworks: Mars Conjuncts Pluto Oct 19, 2016

pablo-2-fireworks-mars-plutoTaking up its sword and shield, the planet Mars prepares to join forces with transformative Pluto in a galactic pairing of energies peaking on October 19, 2016 here in Toronto early in the morning at 4:51 AM. Using a 7 degree orb before and after the exact conjunction, this twosome was within arm’s reach on Friday, October 7th and will completely separate by Saturday, October 29th.

Mars’ energy is active, assertive at best and aggressive at worst, with a boundless sense of energy and initiative, often associated with sex. Mars is exalted in the sign of Capricorn, harmonizing with the goat’s pursuit of earthy, hard won achievement. Pluto’s transforming power secretly builds until in an unguarded moment, the energy bursts forth in a regenerative crescendo. It too has sexual undertones, but ones that may lie buried in phobia or obsession or erupt forth in unexpected transformation. Pluto in Capricorn represents both the ultimate “plutocrat” as well as balanced community leader. Together, Mars and Pluto energies are fused together as a dynamic duo shaking up the complacency of the staid, sustainable Capricorn climb towards riches, power and authority.

There was cosmic synchronicity on Friday, October 7th when the Washington Post unearthed the Donald Trump and Billy Bush video from obscurity and forever changed the U.S. presidential race dynamics. Coursing with the blunt force of a Plutonian tsunami, the video shows Trump aggressively verbalizing his predatory intent towards women based upon his Mars-tial sense of fame and fortune. Recorded in 2005 and hidden away, this radioactive bomb has blast open public censure from all areas of society.

The Mars/Pluto fusion is uncovering women who have directly suffered from Trump’s unwanted sexual behavior. It is also forcing public figures from both the Republican and Democratic parties to repudiate Trump’s language and in some cases his presidential candidacy. More importantly, the painful regenerative and transformational Mars/Pluto energy will lay the foundation for tangible change in the objectification of women in American society.

Run for cover and let the sparks fly. This Mars and Pluto firestorm will continue to blaze through the end of October – and Americans will be left to rebuild what’s left of civil society with the November election.


New Moon Intention Transformed by Pluto

Dare To DreamA New Moon at 12° of Cancer conjoined the Sun today around 7 AM in Toronto. A loose stellium was formed, with Mercury (10° of Cancer) and Venus (20° of Cancer) joining the party. This New Moon births a magical moment of fresh possibility, aligned with the Sun’s life giving power, Mercury’s gift of communication and Venus’ personal expression of values and resources. Cancer requires us to nurture, gestate and grow the new intention in the rich soil of our imagination. Gently fertilize with compassion, water with inspiration and let it grow into a sustained achievement in the light of a Capricorn Full Moon on July 19th.

The challenge lies in the opposition of Pluto to this New Moon stellium. In retrograde motion at 16° of Capricorn, Pluto asks for deep, irrevocable transformation while we climb towards achievement’s summit. Eliminate life’s excess baggage, release old fears and destructive habits, and relish the new state of emptiness. Let the ebb and flow of the Cancer New Moon tide gradually wash over you and usher in the sustained achievements that Pluto in Capricorn demands.

Take your natal chart and observe in which house the New Moon stellium falls, along with the house where Pluto is slowly moving through. The house’s sphere of activity or influence will give you a clue as to the type of New Moon intentions to set and the place where Pluto’s transformational demands will slowly evolve.

Man at MacbookWrite your New Moon intention down in a lunar journal. Each night, observe the waxing moon as it grows in fullness and note the interior changes and exterior transformations. Be non-judgmental and compassionate as you journey through the lunar cycle. Identify the first quarter, full moon, third quarter and balsamic moons, embracing the symbology of each part of the ancient lunar cycle. What does it mean to wax towards fullness, to gain full moonlight, to shrink in size and move towards darkness once more? How do you apply it to the set intention and to the larger life’s journey? Turn the magic into praxis with pen to paper or typed word into a computer entry. Above all, nurture the New Moon self to sustain the community of the Capricorn Full Moon later mid-month.

Panama Papers in Cosmic Synchronicity

15 Nasa Star Cluster

April 4th’s biggest news item was the leaked Panama Papers, which tell the tale of numerous public figures’ association with off shore bank accounts allowing them to hide their very substantial wealth as well as to duck the taxman. In an example of synchronous connection (a perceived meaningful coincidence) the Sun at 15 degrees of Aries was in an approaching square with Pluto at 17 degrees of Capricorn. The “Pluto”-crats shady deals were shone the light of day for the entire world to see.

Today on April 5, 2016,  Iceland’s Prime Minister Gunnlaugsson has resigned under extreme public pressure over alleged financial improprieties. The public fallout will continue to bubble as the Sun joins with Uranus, in exact conjunction on Saturday, April 9th. Fresh revelations will be published and sudden changes will occur based upon the public’s new understanding of their politicians’ financial hanky-panky.

The Panama Papers echo another sky event recently experienced that continues to echo in the world at large – the Uranus in Aries square with Pluto in Capricorn. Uranus in Aries calls individuals to new information, thought patterns or ideas which were previously held in the public’s unconscious. Popular uprisings, quick political downfalls, regime changes will continue even as Pluto in Capricorn demands the legitimacy of the status quo. The energy of these two planets has no moral agency. The energy is there and each of us with free will and intent applies it in our daily lives and reads about it in the larger public sphere. Cosmic synchronicity at work.