Orlando On My Mind

Heart with Eye

The people of Orlando are on my mind. Are they on your mind too? My sorrow runs deep when confronted by such a senseless loss of life. To the mothers, partners, lovers, children and friends who lost a dear one, please accept my deepest sympathies. May all people of good will gather against the tide of violence and stand firm in shared compassion and love. One life lost to a gun shot in hatred is one too many. Let not race, ethnicity, creed, sexual orientation or gender identity divide us, but instead bind us together in shared humanity. Rise up within your communities and demand legislation that bans the sale of assault rifles and controls other gun purchases.   Vote for the politicians who support gun control. Reach out and ask a gay family member or friend how they’re doing. Go to a vigil, attend a Pride parade. Retain your hope, work for a better day and share your faith in a brighter tomorrow.