Saturn Square Neptune: Walk Your Talk

79 Woman walk beachSaturn at 12 degrees Sagittarius squares off against Neptune at 12 degrees Pisces in the sky today, both planets in retrograde motion. These planets’ energies tell of the tensions inherent between the hope of spiritual relief against the harsh realities of this world we call home. Retrograde motion implies an interior conversation, subjectively playing out in our psyches.

The planet Saturn is commonly characterized in myth and legend as an elderly man holding a scythe in one hand and an hourglass in the other. The proverb ‘as you sow so shall you reap’ succinctly captures the astrological spirit of Saturn. We toil in this earthly garden, planting our intentions and gathering the results of our hard work within the boundaries of time and space. Some may plant their seeds with fear and anxiety present, often as darkness descends with the sun. Other wiser souls will bend to the task at hand with the light of sunrise, gaining skill and maturity with each intention sowed and result won.

Neptune with triton in hand is visualized as a Roman god of fresh water and the oceans blue. Neptune rides through an aquatic kingdom in a chariot drawn by majestic seahorses, attended by mermaids and water sprites. Water is life and without it all would die from thirst. Astrologically, Neptune has come to symbolize the desire to quench a spiritual thirst. The 1960’s phrase ‘turn on, tune in, dropout’ conceptualizes the possibility of spiritual enlightenment and raised consciousness while intimating illusion and escape. Does one swim in the shallow waters of drugs, alcohol or virtual reality?   Do you choose instead to dive deep into mindfulness, prayer or meditation?

Saturn in philosophical Sagittarius tenses against Piscean Neptune’s kumbaya song of universal love. Practice what you preach. Walk your talk. Let your actions speak as loud if not louder than your words.

Neptune in Pisces: “Humanity’s Final Exam”

The planet Neptune moved into the sign of the two fish – Pisces in April 2011 and will remain until it final exit into the sign of the ram, Aries in January of 2026. This roughly 14 year cycle has Neptune residing at home – it rules Pisces. There are many world themes to explore in this cycle including the steady loss of boundaries between ourselves as individuals and the rest of the world, humanity’s expression of empathy and compassion to those in need, ways we may escape or transcend our reality, increased interest in all forms of media and creative expression, as well as our use and abuse of our earth’s oceans. This last theme echoes in all discussions around climate change, extreme weather patterns and rising sea levels.

Like prophets of old, the climate scientists Raymond Pierrehumbert and James E. Hansen are calling upon us all to be aware that the political and social choices we make around our use of energy resources reaches far into the future. Our children, our grandchildren and many generations after will be at risk of losing the very quality of life we take for granted now.

Intuitively the Pisces glyph of two fish symbolically swimming away from each other indicates the choice to swim upstream or down. Neptune in Pisces calls upon us to explore unworldly choices that include swimming with or against the tide of denial, illusion and escapism around climate change. What we sacrifice now to buy back that treasure we are in danger of losing is called redemption. Redemption of our shared oceans, weather patterns, coastal cities and the very way we live, clothe and feed ourselves. Redemption of our very humanity.