Centaur Moon in Conjunct with Saturn

Earlier today, a disseminating moon rested a moment in conjunction with Saturn Retrograde, both at 16 degrees in Sagittarius. The moon began the day at 10 degrees of Sagittarius and will end its gallop at 22 degrees. The centaur holding a bow, preparing to shoot the arrow into flight is an ancient archetype. It represents humanity’s climb from chaos into rule of law and with the flight of the arrow, further into philosophy and intellectual pursuit. Sagittarius is a fire and mutable sign, which leads to arrows flying here there and everywhere! The goal then is to add the discipline and hard work of Saturn to the freely flowing emotion of the moon to achieve a perfect bullseye towards your lofty aims.  Dream big and be prepared to work – the fruits of your labors are yours for the making.  67 Arrow Red Happy After