Plutonian Solar Returns

43 Coffee Record Here Comes the SunMary Fortier Shea is an accomplished astrologer who wrote the classic “Planets in Solar Returns”. With an MA in Counseling Psychology, Shea writes with compassion regarding the application of this predictive art for those who would use a solar return to plan ahead. Her gentle yet clear direction to take the high road in the manifestation of a solar return interpretation challenges her reader to grow in universal truth, while alerting them to other possible outcomes.

A clear example is given in her discussion of Pluto in the Solar Return’s 12th house. Pluto’s key concepts are incremental: a desire to maintain the status quo, an urge to purge or eliminate and the final growth towards transformation. In the shadows of the 12th house, Pluto stirs the unconscious into growth usually hidden behind the curtain of everyday activities. Whether the struggle centers on psychological angst rippling up to disturb the peace or hidden motives consciously applied, change is in the air. What that change is will become more apparent as Pluto begins to move towards the Ascendant and 1st House.

Shea reminds us that there are many levels to interpretation and manifestation with Pluto as with all the planets. “Personal motives must be put aside to truly understand the Plutonian process and work with it in its purest form. Those who are pure of heart and mind and soul become universal receptors, receiving information that needs to be on the earth plane. For this, there is no need for compensation or glory; it is enough to know.” Astrology is often associated with Uranus – the Great Awakener that shakes and rattles with lightning bolts of new understanding. The study and application of astrology though requires Plutonian transformation. Shea understands the complexity of such a transformation and provides counsel through the lens of Solar Returns. Congratulations are in order if Shea’s wise guidance wends its way through into other parts of your astrological toolkit.