Alex Newell – This Ain’t Over

Alex Newell, vocalist, dramatist and entertainer extraordinaire. Born August 20, 1992, in Lynn, Massachusetts with birth time unknown, and natal chart cast for 12:00 Noon. Known for being a cast member on the hit show Glee and for soaring vocal performance, Alex’s birth sign of Leo is captured through video via vocal performance fireworks. This is a larger than life lion who will shine against all adversity and who performs with every breathe taken. Taurus Moon brings stability to performance gifts as well as an earthy sensuality. Paired with Jupiter and Venus in discriminating Virgo – weather wearing fur, feathers or a tailored suit – Alex rocks with style and self-aware wit. The outstanding opposition between natal Pluto in Scorpio and Alex’s Moon in Taurus speaks to an intense, larger than an ocean of tears emotional life. Listen to any song Alex embodies – “This Ain’t Over” is a great place to start, and the intensity of this opposition pulses through. I leave you with the latest video to enjoy from Alex – though I guarantee you this outsize Leo soul will be heard with any luck for years to come.