Christopher Plummer Wrestles With Pluto

Christopher Plummer is experiencing a professional whirlwind of acclaim, since November 2017. This renowned stage and screen star agreed at short notice to replace Kevin Spacey in the role of J. Paul Getty in Ridley Scott’s film All The Money In The World. He then garnered critical applause and a best supporting nod for the 2018 Oscars. In synchronistic fashion, he is also synthesizing important astrological transits that include an impressive Pluto opposition only offered to a generational cohort now marking their very elder years. Is it coincidence or something more akin to fate that brings a major Pluto transit into Plummer’s life just as he portrays the ultimate plutocrat, J. Paul Getty?

Pluto is an outer planet with an erratic orbit, spending 16 to 30 years in each astrological sign and orbiting the sun in about 248 years. Discovered in 1930, it is an ancient archetype associated with Hades, Greek god of the underworld and extending even further back to Ereshkigal and the Great Mother herself. In modern astrology, it is a transpersonal and communal energy which modulates an entire cohort’s response to regenerative and transformative change.

In a person’s natal chart, transiting Pluto will sooner or later aspect a natal planet or angle. Due to its slow movement, a Pluto transit may last several years, including a period of time before the actual transit, the direct and retrograde motion of the transit itself and the separation. No matter the type of aspect made or the duration, this outer planet will announce itself through dreams, vague unease or outright external demands for eliminative, regenerative and transforming change.

For most people, transiting Pluto will square the birth Pluto somewhere in the middle of life. Elders in their late 80’s and older may experience the opposition while no one will experience a Pluto natal return. Take for example Plummer’s fellow actor, Leo DiCaprio. He was born with Pluto in the sign of Libra. DiCaprio’s Pluto to natal Pluto opposition will occur only if he reaches age 99, in the year 2074.

From May 26, 1914 through October 07, 1937 – Pluto was roaming the ecliptic under the cardinal, water sign of Cancer. These 23 years included WWI and the years prior to WWII, the financial collapse of the Great Depression and the authoritarian regimes of the 1930’s. Plummer was born in 1929, amid the sweeping societal changes that challenged, revitalized and transformed the elemental concepts of home and what it could become. Almost 89 years later, Pluto now travels through the opposite sign of Capricorn and the world at large struggles with the regeneration and transformation of its political and social structures in light of climate change, economic inequality, sexual and gender liberation.

Please note: Pluto has defined zigs and zags before settling into an extended period in one sign. Pluto retrograded into Gemini then directed back into Cancer several times from Sep 1912 through May 1914. Similarly, the period after Oct 1937 Pluto moved forward into Leo then retrograded back into Cancer a few times from Oct 1937 to June 1939. It remained in Leo from June 13, 1939 until October 19, 1956 when a similar zig and zag occurred with Pluto moving into Virgo. Confused? Check an ephemeris for the specifics or visualize Pluto’s movement with an astrological software program.

Plummer along with his generation are intimately experiencing the Pluto in Capricorn traveling back and forth in opposition to his natal Pluto in Cancer. It signifies radical change in some area of Plummer’s life. Normally, it is a metaphorical death with resulting rebirth. Sometimes it is a battle with illness or a loss of a friend or partner that shakes up life, creating new priorities.   Something is lost or eliminated and within the newly created void a rebirth occurs.

A key to unlock the opposition is to review life events when transiting Pluto in Libra first squared Plummer’s natal Pluto in Cancer. The year would have been 1980 and Plummer just turned 50. Whatever rebalancing Pluto in Libra demanded of Plummer is now up for review as Pluto in Capricorn challenges the very structures and accomplishments made in the intervening years. The past plays a part in this transformation. You need to understand where you’ve been to realize where you need to go.

Plummer’s birth time is publically unknown, so there is no way to tell what house/sphere of life is affected by the current Pluto opposition (see chart above). At almost 89 years of age, it is reasonable to consider that Plummer may prefer to stay rooted in psychological and/or physical habits that have served him well. My counsel to Plummer and any other lucky elder undergoing a Pluto to Pluto opposition is to rely on the hard won wisdom you may have garnered through a long life. Surrendering and metabolizing the needed change are skills an elder already has. Professionally, Plummer has great experience entering and exiting on cue – Pluto asks that it be applied in his personal life.

Paul Getty died June 6, 1976 at the age of 83, leaving behind an estate then valued at $2 billon. A quote attributed to him perhaps sums up his general philosophy…”the meek shall inherit the earth, but not its mineral rights.” He died while Pluto in the guise of Libra transited his 9th house, proving even a billionaire must face the greatest of philosophical questions. Plummer in the role of this great plutocrat may have brought clarity to his own Pluto directed journey. If so, then he has won a cosmic prize far greater than another Oscar win could achieve.


3 Unique Saturn Returns: Rihanna, Emma Thompson & Christopher Plummer

Rihanna, Emma Thompson and Christopher Plummer are individually celebrated for their artistic achievements around the world. Beginning in late December 2017 and through 2018, they also celebrate a Saturn return to their natal Saturn in Capricorn.

They each share the hallmarks of Saturn as expressed through Capricorn: a call to duty, perseverance and prizes won against worldly obstacles. Individually, they will express in some sphere of their life organizational skills that with age and experience lead to accomplished life goals. There may be displays of dour practicality or frugal efficiency. Each will feel a unique interior pause as one Saturn cycle ends and another begins.

In general, Time Lord Saturn returns to a person’s natal position every 28-29 years. Most of us experience the first return before our 30th birthday while many of us will age to understand the second return as we welcome our 58th-59th year. Some of us will physically endure to celebrate a third return as we approach our 88th year. If any soul upon their 117th year reaches the 4th Saturn return….their worldly wisdom is beyond compare.

Saturn returns signify a cycle of world experience has completed. An inner tally of challenges met, hurdles overcome and lessons learned is part of the transit no matter what the native’s age. The return is the culmination of Saturn’s cycle through our lives. The chart below is a cyclic example of Saturn in action for these three individuals.

Saturn’s similarity with a lunar cycle is noteworthy. The moon’s 28-29 day cycle symbolizes the flux and flow of our interior life, while Saturn’s 28-29 year cycle heralds our mastery of this earthly reality. Saturn’s waxing, outgoing square has a first quarter feel, while an opposition alludes to a full moon moment. The waning, incoming square is similar to a third quarter moon which leads to a natal Saturn return and new moon promise.

Rihanna is experiencing a first Saturn return, with the exact transit having occurred on December 24th, 2017. If the reported birth time is correct, the Saturn return will echo through the 9th house spheres of life:  spiritual quests, long distance journeys, life philosophies, higher law and education.  As I write, she is making a public call to end gun violence as she mourns a younger cousin’s tragic death over the Christmas holiday in Barbados.

Christopher Plummer follows with his 3rd Saturn Return on Jan 02, 2018. He recently received a Golden Globe nominee for Best Supporting Actor for the role of J. Paul Getty in the film “All The Money In The World.” With Saturn like discipline, this 88 year old actor credited his early theatre training in allowing him to step in and replace Kevin Spacey over a demanding 9 day re-shoot. Will Plummer be rewarded with an Oscar nod later in January?

Emma Thompson will experience a 2nd Saturn Return in 2018 beginning in February and ending in November. In October 2017 her frank assessment of Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood culture made headlines around the world and illustrated this Saturn in Capricorn native’s ability to overcome career impediments placed in her path. Thompson’s interior dialogue with Saturn will determine the direction of her next 28-29 years. 

Are you born with Saturn in the early degrees of Capricorn? Then you have or will experience a Saturn return in the coming months. Your experience may not be as public as the three mentioned above, but it is a moment to take a deep breath and consider lessons learned, challenges met and plans yet to achieve. The celestial taskmaster has returned and beckons you to grow in maturity and wisdom. Many happy Saturn returns to all.