Cancer: Summer’s Cardinal Water Babies

Pablo Cancer ZodiacHappy Birthday to all those born under a Cancer Sun! Truly Summer’s cardinal water babies, you thrive when nurtured with love and understanding, building around you a family, home and tribe that you call your own. Sensitive, emotional and intuitively intelligent, you require private space to recharge, away from the stress and hustle of your everyday life. 

That space – whether a country cottage, an urban condo or better yet, a beach bungalow – will have all the creature comforts you require.  Not to mention the pot of chicken soup (or something like it) on the back burner just waiting to fill the belly and warm the soul. 

Material wealth may be yours for you naturally know rainy days arrive sooner or later.  You may protect and smother with affection those you care about. There may be secret insecurities, or depressions that ebb and flow like the tides.  With maturity and life wisdom, these tendencies may transform into generational nurturance that leads your family, friends and community into an independent, healthier tomorrow.