You Are Invited To Walk Through Venus’ Looking Glass

Come one, come all to a workshop presented by Joanne, celebrating Venus in all her Divine Feminine glory!

  • Astrology Toronto
  • Saturday, April 8, 2017
  • 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm
  • at The Centering Space, 59 Cambridge Ave, near Broadview the Danforth.
  • more info:

Venus Through Her Looking Glass

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?  Does the outer image reflect your core values, tastes and preferences or does a stranger return your gaze?  Take a walk through Venus’ looking glass and explore via myth, archetype and astrology how this planetary force shapes individual concepts of value, pleasure and desire in everyday life.

  • Explore the many expressions of Venus in a natal chart by sign, house placement and aspects formed.
  • Look at lovers and relationships through Venus’ lens of pleasure received and desire fulfilled.
  • Connect issues of worth and value to how money and personal resources are used.
  • Discover how different planets forming aspects to natal Venus refine and influence this ‘personal’ planet’s expression.
  • Delve into Venus’ shadow and see the areas of life where envy and disillusionment may be experienced.

Integrate Venus into your life and see a beautiful and complete individual reflected in your looking glass.