New Moon Intention Transformed by Pluto

Dare To DreamA New Moon at 12° of Cancer conjoined the Sun today around 7 AM in Toronto. A loose stellium was formed, with Mercury (10° of Cancer) and Venus (20° of Cancer) joining the party. This New Moon births a magical moment of fresh possibility, aligned with the Sun’s life giving power, Mercury’s gift of communication and Venus’ personal expression of values and resources. Cancer requires us to nurture, gestate and grow the new intention in the rich soil of our imagination. Gently fertilize with compassion, water with inspiration and let it grow into a sustained achievement in the light of a Capricorn Full Moon on July 19th.

The challenge lies in the opposition of Pluto to this New Moon stellium. In retrograde motion at 16° of Capricorn, Pluto asks for deep, irrevocable transformation while we climb towards achievement’s summit. Eliminate life’s excess baggage, release old fears and destructive habits, and relish the new state of emptiness. Let the ebb and flow of the Cancer New Moon tide gradually wash over you and usher in the sustained achievements that Pluto in Capricorn demands.

Take your natal chart and observe in which house the New Moon stellium falls, along with the house where Pluto is slowly moving through. The house’s sphere of activity or influence will give you a clue as to the type of New Moon intentions to set and the place where Pluto’s transformational demands will slowly evolve.

Man at MacbookWrite your New Moon intention down in a lunar journal. Each night, observe the waxing moon as it grows in fullness and note the interior changes and exterior transformations. Be non-judgmental and compassionate as you journey through the lunar cycle. Identify the first quarter, full moon, third quarter and balsamic moons, embracing the symbology of each part of the ancient lunar cycle. What does it mean to wax towards fullness, to gain full moonlight, to shrink in size and move towards darkness once more? How do you apply it to the set intention and to the larger life’s journey? Turn the magic into praxis with pen to paper or typed word into a computer entry. Above all, nurture the New Moon self to sustain the community of the Capricorn Full Moon later mid-month.