Leo: Let the Sun Shine!

pablo Leo ZodiacEveryone needs to have a Leo in their life!  These big cats shine in life’s spotlight, craving audience approval.  Creative, passionate, dramatic and filled with laughter and tears, a person born under the summer sun basks in the heat of a lover’s regard, a child’s amazement or a teacher’s glare.  They are usually in the middle of their own personal show:  Leo Prime Time.  Come along for the romp if you dare and be willing to participate in the performance.  Your pay off will be romantic star light, chilled champagne and fancy treats.

Leos are best when they guard their inner child and remain in awe of the universe.  When insecure or feeling unloved, a Leo will literally pout and flounce about.  Have pity on this big feline, stroke a fury paw and tell them the sun will come out no later than tomorrow.  Help them chase their fears away by telling them they are marvelous!

They usually are marvelous at something:  artists, actors, teachers, politicians, athletes or any profession that they are passionate about.  Leos have the intensity and intent to achieve that which they put their whole heart in to create.  Children adore them, lovers crave their attention and life-long partners are amazed they caught them.

A Leo in your life is a sun drenched adventure, a dramatic soap opera, a steamy romance novel and sometimes all three rolled into one.  Rock and roll with the big cat and you’ll always have a bit of Sun shinning in your life!

Big Cats in the Public Glare:

Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, Viola Davis, Buddy Guy, Kylie Jenner, Anna Kendrick, Jennifer Lawrence, Madonna, Shawn Mendes, Barack Obama, Daniel Radcliffe, Alex Rodriguez, J.K. Rowling, Young Thug.