Matt Lauer: Saturn Returns With Invoice Marked Due

On Wednesday, November 29, 2017, NBC fired veteran Today Show host, Matt Lauer for inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. Viewed through an astrological lens, was his second Saturn return involved? Saturn returns every 28-29 years to its natal position and will demand an accounting of past actions before settling accounts and beginning the next cycle of life. Let’s investigate.

Lauer is 59 years old, soon to celebrate his 60th on December 30th of this year. Born in 1957 in New York City, Lauer’s birth time is unknown. Below, Lauer’s natal chart is set at 12N, which allows an astrologer to consider the planetary relationships…but not the ascendant, ruling planet of the chart or the spheres of life where the planetary energies play their parts.

Focus your gaze immediately on Lauer’s natal Sun in the sign of Capricorn, with Mercury in retrograde motion in Sagittarius followed by Saturn in the same natal sign. Natal Mercury retrograde speaks to an internal dialogue that exists before a person will speak the words of everyday life out loud. Paired with Saturn in a loose conjunction, there would be a cautious and skeptic tone added to Lauer’s speech that would extend to his belief systems as well.  Natal Saturn will also limit and discipline an unrestrained Sagittarian wit.

Lauer’s first Saturn return occurred in 1987 at the age of 29, with the planet transiting over natal Saturn three times: direct on Feb 10th, retrograde motion May 20th and completing the cycle in direct motion on Nov 8th. Whether processed internally, externally or most likely a combination of the two, Lauer experienced some sense of completion and adjusted life goals to complement the adult he had become. Note that his divorce from first wife Nancy Alspaugh was complete sometime in 1988.

Lauer’s second Saturn return occurred in December 2016, at the age of 58. This recent, one-time transit set in motion a scenario similar to that of a bill coming due. Public life was going well…Lauer weathered the criticism aimed at his election interviews with both Clinton and Trump while renewing his co-anchor contract thru 2018 with a yearly salary of a reported $20 million dollars.   What other life lessons was Saturn suggesting he learn?  And when?

It is now almost a year later with transiting Saturn and Mercury in Sagittarius having joined in conjunction with Lauer’s natal Mercury (see chart below). Fleet footed Mercury has delivered Saturn’s recurring message and it has illuminated both Lauer’s inner journey as well as conferred very public consequences based upon the many choices he made and lessons not learned over the last 29 years.  Mercury will turn retrograde December 3rd, suggesting that Lauer review the belief systems, gender and cultural mind sets that have lead to this destructive behavior.

Saturn in Capricorn will conjunct Lauer’s natal Sun through the year of 2018: direct motion March 27th, retrograde May 10th and direct on December 9th. Limitations along with taking responsibility for the consequences of past actions will test and challenge Lauer’s sense of self. No transiting planet operates alone and Lauer will experience Saturn’s boundaries and restrictions within the context of all the other energies of the chart.

If Lauer was a client and an accurate birth time was known, I would suggest looking towards the 8th house as well as where Pluto lies.  Precise and intense psychoanalytical examination, followed by elimination and hoped for transformation into a balanced, healthier psyche is certainly called for.

Matt Lauer’s journey continues and only time will tell what Saturn’s third return in 2046 will bring. Lauer will be 88 years old and will have grown not just older but perhaps wiser. Saturn would have it no other way.

August 7, 2017 Lunar Eclipse

Image resultCo-creation is a basic tenant of my astrological practice.  “As above, so below” when reversed becomes “so below, as above” and the polarity is brought to life with active intent.  The lunar eclipse energies of August 7, 2017 bring into private and public life the possibilities for new understanding and external change.  The personal planets of Mercury and Mars bring into focus opportunity’s knock while the outer planets hold their collective breathe.

The August 7th partial lunar eclipse sows the subjective seeds of change with the Sun at 15 degrees of Leo and the Full Moon at 15 degrees of Aquarius.  The dramatic, self-centered and creative will of the ego is in contrast to the humanitarian needs of the collective.  The Sun’s dynamic partner is and will remain  through August the planet Mars, who roars with fixed desire to create alongside the ego’s need to shine.  Note that diminutive Mercury in Virgo will soon turn retrograde and calls for repeated analysis to underpin the passionate script of the solar self and cosmic will.  Venus as a morning star in Cancer, ebbs and flows in sextile to Mercury, adding the value systems of care and nurturance in the ever shifting scrum.

Jupiter in Libra directly squares Pluto in retrograde Capricorn conveying tension between society’s desire for balanced justice against entrenched plutocratic entities struggling with the winds of change.

Uranus retrograde at 28 degrees of Aries loosely trines retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius and will remain there to trine the Solar eclipse later in the month.  This is a wiser, late degree Uranus reevaluating the revolutionary deeds needed to move society along.  In harmony, retrograde Saturn asks for similar reassessment in areas of law, education, philosophies and spiritual value systems.  Talk and walk personal philosophies when Saturn retrogrades in Sagittarius or risk moral doubt and confusion.

The Dragon’s Head beckons at 24 degrees of Leo to those who would reach in acts of creative compassion towards the North Node’s point of possibility.  Acts of empathy and kindness are the keys to unlock the door to this lunar eclipse as the Sun in Leo attempts balance with the full moon in Aquarius.  Choose to see what new opportunities exist when the needs of the individual artist balance with the essential desires of society.

Mercury Retrograde: One Day Late!

Pablo Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

In cosmic synchronicity, this post goes up one day into the Mercury retrograde cycle which began in Toronto on August 30th at 9:04 am in the critical 29th degree of Virgo. There must be important unfinished business for Mercury to almost leave Virgo and then decide to station retrograde. From our earthly perspective, fleet of foot Mercury will methodically appear to move backward (no planet in our solar system actually orbits backward) until it stations direct at 14 degrees of Virgo just before the Vernal Equinox, September 22nd at 1:31 am.

Consider then, in August what appeared to be finished. Was there a joint project at work that appeared to be all wrapped up, ready to see the light of day and suddenly now there is a glitch? Did you breakup with a summer sweetheart and today have second thoughts? Just gone off to college and regret leaving family, friends and the deep end of the pool? Take a moment, consider what you’ve experienced, achieved, gained and conquered in summer and do all the important ‘re’ words: reconsider, revisit, rethink, revise…etc.

This Mercury retrograde cycle wears the garb of the zodiacal sign Virgo, who is particularly good at logically harvesting the bumper crop of life and separating the wheat from the shaft. Yes, there may be technical issues with email, important contracts should be signed in late September and your usual double espresso in the afternoon may not clear the mental fog associated with Mercury retrograde.

Really, though – life doesn’t stop in a Mercury retrograde cycle, so be smart, like Virgo (aka Demeter in Greek myth, Ceres in old Rome) and gather your wits about you! Take a critical look at yourself, the downstairs closet that hasn’t been opened in months and perhaps your bank account and ponder “what should I keep, what should be recycled or composted?” When the Vernal Equinox does roll around on September 22nd, you’ll be ready to “fall” into autumn with the elegant balance that a Sun in Libra demands.



Five Retrograde Planets in April 2016

74 Honest Eds in MotionCelestially, five planets appear to be moving backward in the month of April, 2016. Of course Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are orbiting normally up in the sky.   The backward or retrograde motion is a visual illusion from our perspective on earth. Symbolically important in astrology, retrograde motion indicates a period where revision, readjustment and rethinking occurs in the areas of life influenced by the planets.

Imagine you’ve been invited to a party at a friend’s house this afternoon. Jupiter in Virgo throws the bash, but in retrograde motion revises the guest list and in true Virgo discrimination rechecks with the caterer to see that vegan delicacies will be served. Mars in Sagittarius talks politics with anyone who will listen, revising opinion about Donald Trump after the latest primary results. Saturn in Sagittarius nods gravely and shares revised vacation plans to a favorite Greek isle due to anxiety over the immigration crisis. Pluto in Capricorn interrupts and tells of an urgent re-evaluation of all off-shore finances. Mercury is the last to arrive and mumbles about a website going down and how the concept of social media in our daily lives needs to be totally rethought. You stumble off to the bar and order a stiff drink.

Retrograde motion is an astrological gift, your opportunity to reconsider the areas of your life where these five planets vibrate. Revise, rethink and re-imagine in the areas of the planets’ foci. The personal planets Mars and Mercury require our attention in intimate, daily life patterns. Mars dares to achieve through personal assertion of will and less prudently in the aggression of battle. Take a moment to readdress your daily get up and go to get it done areas of life: sexual drive, career attainment, irritations and hot button, anger driven issues. The way a city dweller responds to a Mars like push on a crowded train commuting to work could lead to revised plan to buy a bike and cycle to work. Mercury communicates person to person through all mediums. Review the minutia of daily communication such as emails written, tweets entered, contracts drawn up and directions verbally given. Glitches, confusion and misunderstandings will be common. Take the time to straighten the lines of communication out before becoming completely tangled up.

Jupiter and Saturn retrograde periods are usually interior revisions with Pluto retrograde the most interior of all. Jupiter themes center on expansion, abundance, luck, extended travel, the rule of law, higher education and philosophies. In retrograde, Jupiter’s natural expansion tendencies will grow sluggish. Saturn worries about earthly burdens, boundaries, fears and limitations while demanding applied discipline leading to mastery of those anxieties.  Saturn burdens and limitations appear to increase in retrograde motion and mastery takes longer. Pluto hides dormant in our transpersonal, collective shadows. Suddenly from deep within cathartic, explosive renewal occurs to ensure the family, group, tribe or culture survives. In retrograde, the pressure to eliminate, purge and transcend may center  on old, unresolved “from the gut” issues.

Take a moment and reconsider these energies in the flow of your own life. If you have a natal chart handy, consider in which house (area of life) these planets are currently traveling. Note the sign each planet currently is in (describing the character of the planet’s energy). Are they in contact (in conjunct, square, opposition and with luck trine) any of your natal planets?   These are clues as to where and how you should be applying this celestial redo. Take your time, these planets are symbolically moving slowly backward – and you should too!

Retrograde Motion

  • Jupiter Retrograde began on Jan 7, 2016 at 23 degrees of Virgo and ends May 9, 2016 at 13 degrees Virgo.
  • Saturn  Retrograde began on March 25, 2016 at 16 degrees of Sagittarius and ends August 13, 2016 at 9 degrees Sagittarius.
  • Mars Retrograde began on April 17, 2016 at 9 degrees Sagittarius and ends on June 29, 2016 at 23 degrees Scorpio.
  • Pluto Retrograde began on April 18, 2016 at 17 degrees Capricorn and ends on September 26, 2016 at 14 degrees Capricorn.
  • Mercury Retrograde begins on April 28, 2016 at 23 degrees Taurus and ends on May 22, 2016 at 14 degrees Taurus.