Jodie Foster: Mars in Leo Shouts “Action!”

Twice awarded an Oscar for Best Actress, Jodie Foster is currently featured in Hotel Artemis, a first time action film by newbie director Drew Pearce. Foster reviews her long career in a recent video created for Vanity Fair, articulating her natal Mars in the fixed, fire sign of Leo. Listen carefully, for in the course of 11 short minutes, Foster’s Mars shouts “Action” in a uniquely dramatic, creative reveal.

Foster has a dynamic natal chart with a Scorpio Sun hiding in plain sight in the 12th house. The Sun is the tail end of an impressive 11th house stellium of Mercury, Venus and Neptune all in the same fixed, water sign of Scorpio. Disciplined artistic desire harnessed to a razor sharp intellect, hard won value system and a creative immersion into shadows deep hints at the esoteric power unleashed in the public sphere of wishes, dreams, and civic society. Foster counters this with an analytical 9th house Virgo Moon – also in a powerful stellium with Pluto and Uranus. Using a practical, objectively balanced emotional life regarding life’s big philosophical questions, Foster harnesses a prophetic independence and an uncanny ability to transform through ethical crisis. She is an emotive, living and breathing survivor of what life has thrown at her.

Foster’s Sagittarian Ascendant suits her well, with so much natal focus in the 9th house. The chart’s ruler, Jupiter swims in the 3rd house through the ocean blue of mutable Pisces. The wounded healer, Chiron teams up with Jupiter to oppose the Moon and company in a balancing act of opposition. The discriminating Moon seesaws against Jupiter’s universal message and Chiron’s doubt in the wisdom of saying anything at all. Foster has been in the public eye for over 50 years and has won the right to choose when to share her vulnerability as well as survivor’s emotional strength.

Finally, we come to Foster’s natal Mars. Whether in full roar or quiet purr, this dramatic and at times flamboyant 8th house Mars in Leo finds itself square to the Sun’s stellium in Scorpio. Mars in Leo personalizes the creative action, digging deep into the mysterious stuff of life and death that crystalizes an 8th house experience. So, though Mars drives Foster’s individual creative energy, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune demand that the result relates back to the underworld journey of Scorpio and the 8th house. Foster begins the video with the opening statement “is it true or not true?” allowing this unique and proud artist to shine with Leonine strength. She repeatedly verbalizes through the video how she “beat down the door”, “banged down the door”, “punch(ed) some people in the head” for her iconic roles, giving voice to the creative frisson created by Sun stellium square Mars. Foster has harnessed the square’s creative tension with two Oscar winning performances: the young waitress, Sarah Tobias in The Accused and FBI agent, Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs. She sums up this career review’s theme “When I really love something, I smack people in the head in order to get it.” Mars in Leo, placed in the 8th house in square to an 11th house Scorpio Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune articulated.

The summation of this blog post is saved for Foster’s Saturn. In the sign of the community minded, rational air sign of Aquarius and placed in the 2nd house of personal values and resources, Foster will experience a 2nd Saturn Return in February 2021. She states in the video that she intends to direct more than act. In the upcoming years, utilizing the wealth of her personal experience, values and resources in creative endeavor for the betterment of the larger community may be a way through the challenges of maturity awakened through the Saturn return.

Jodie Foster is a multidimensional, creative, disciplined artist who magically brings to life her natal chart and especially the personal planet Mars through the Neptunian portal of the Vanity Fair video. Mars in Leo shouts for all to hear “Action!” Let Saturn holler “and Cut”.



Holocaust Remembrance Day, April 12, 2018: Remembering Henriette Pimentel

The New York Times reported in today’s paper that the Holocaust is fading from popular memory. Most millennials believed only 2 million died and couldn’t identify where the death camp Auschwitz was. Six million were killed and Auschwitz is located in Poland. Soon to leave this life, the remaining Holocaust survivors and the WWII veterans who liberated them are in their 80’s and 90’s, frequently unable to give personal testimony. Still, the memory of that time, that place in history needs to be shared, and a day in April is just as good as any other date. We are doomed to repeat what history we do not know. Let me share with you one story, told within an astrological framework of an amazing woman’s life:  Henriette Pimentel. 

Henriette Pimentel was born on April 17, 1876 in Amsterdam into a well to do Portuguese-Jewish family. With no public birth time recorded, the natal chart above is set at the neutral time of 12 noon. (Determining an ascendant, ruler of the chart and planets placed in house position requires a time of birth or chart rectification. I’ve chosen to focus only on planetary relationships and important transiting aspects.) Her Sun, Chiron and Mercury form a stellium in the late degrees of the dynamic, fire sign of Aries, indicating a forceful character and intellect, aware of her own internal failures. Her third quarter moon is in the independent, community oriented sign of Aquarius, suggesting a rational and cool soul aware that actions have consequences. She is part of a cohort born with Pluto in the sign of Taurus – a generation of people who lived to see their homes, lives and lands transformed by the Great Depression and World Wars I and II.

Henriette married when she was 23, in the year 1899 as transiting Jupiter moved to conjunct her natal Jupiter at 00° of Sagittarius in December of that year. For her, the beginning of her life’s second Jupiter cycle signified a renewed commitment to participating in the larger community through the act of marriage.

The chart above also speaks to the confluence of Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury and Saturn flooding the world with the adventurous, restless energy of the mutable Archer. 1899 saw an elderly Queen Victoria sending troops to fight the Boer War in South Africa, while Alfred Dreyfus was pardoned in France and Marconi successfully transmitted the news via radio across the British Chanel.  

Trained as a teacher and nurse, Henriette worked as a governess and later as a kindergarten teacher. She herself appears to have had no children, leading one to speculate that by 1916, this may have become a sensitive issue in her late Victorian marriage, culminating in her divorce.

Transiting Mars may have served as Henriette’s personal alarm clock, setting off the first bell in November of 1915 and completing her wake-up call in April of 1916 as the planet completed a series of conjunctions with her natal Uranus, both in Leo. A transiting Uranus in Aquarius simultaneously opposed natal Uranus in Leo – demonstrating how a classic mid-life crisis over identity and its place in the larger community resulted in a release of the bonds of marriage for the forty-year old Henriette. Place this personal crisis within the context of the larger chaos of WWI, when the Netherlands somehow absorbed over 1 million refugees from neighboring Belgium and France. Henriette’s teaching and child care skills were of use and probably kept a roof over her older but wiser head.

In 1926, Henriette was appointed director of the Crèche and Kindergarten Institute in Amsterdam, then located on the Plantage Middenlaan. Infants and young children, many Jewish but also of other faiths were cared for by a team of female attendants, allowing mothers to enter the work force. She was roughly 50 years old at the time of her appointment and soon became known for being a strict but capable director, with a small dog named Brunie as her constant companion. Shown in the chart below, transiting Uranus in Pisces once again shakes up the status quo, joining forces with the natal north node providing a career shift into her life’s potential fulfillment.   

In 1941, German troops occupied the Netherlands and by the autumn of 1942, Jewish citizens in Amsterdam are forced to gather at the Hollandsche Schouwburg, a repurposed theatre located in the heart of the Jewish neighborhood. From there men, women and children were transferred to the Westerbork Camp, a Dutch collection point before deportation to the death camps located in occupied Poland: Auschwitz- Birkenau, Sobibor, Bergen-Belsen, and Theresienstat. Anne Frank was briefly interned in Westerbork before being murdered at Auschwitz in 1944. From 1942 – 1945, 107,000 people were deported from Westerbork with 5, 200 thought to have survived. Of note to my Canuk readers – Canadian troops from the 8th Reconnaissance Regiment along with The South Saskatchewan Regiment liberated Westerbork in April 1945.

In 1941, Henriette experiences the German occupation with a life time lived as an able administrator, teacher and guardian to countless children. She is now called to care for Jewish children being prepared for transit to Westerbork. She has proven to be intelligent, capable, independent – interiorly how did she respond to this dire situation? What strength or belief sustained her? In the chart below, note transiting Saturn in practical, earthy Taurus conjuncts Henriette’s natal Pluto. Her world has turned inside out and upside down and nothing will ever be the same, yet with sustained work and discipline a radical rebirth is possible.

Henriette collaborates with Walter Suskind, the Jewish official in charge at the theatre along with Johan van Hulst, who directed the adjacent teacher preparatory college. Together, the troika made arrangements with Dutch resistance groups to smuggle an estimated 600 or more children to safety. Somehow, a scheme to remove the childrens’ names from transport schedules went undetected, even as many more were deported. Henriette was often tasked with securing parental approval, asking mothers and fathers to choose which in their family would live. Babies were transported to safety in boxes and backpacks, while deported mothers carried inert dolls wrapped in blankets as they boarded the trains to Westerbork. Other children slipped away with help of the crèche’s care givers to the waiting resistant groups, or through the help of van Hulst and staff at the college. The Germans closed the crèche in July 1943, sending Henriette, the remaining staff and children to the theatre and on to Westerbork.  Henriette died in Auschwitz in September 1943.

Henriette Pimentel so clearly lived a full life, serving her community and saving lives at a moment in time when hope was almost extinguished and death was a certainty. In an astrological framework – she lived her natal chart’s potential to the fullest, finding the strength and skills necessary to meet the many challenges of each transit and planetary cycle.

It is said that we die twice. Once with our last breath, and then a second time when the last person who speaks our name takes their last breath. On this Holocaust Remembrance Day, Henriette Pimentel lives. May her story quicken your heart and challenge you to remember.



Justin Bieber: Jupiter Returns Home


Justin Bieber welcomes home transiting Jupiter in 2018, bringing behind the scene, 12th house blessings to his very public life.   Jupiter is Christmas morning, an all-night rave and the winning lottery ticket all rolled up in one. The planetary archetype reminds me of a whole bowl of only green shamrock Lucky Charms or a big red balloon rising towards the sun and any other joyful excess you can imagine. Keep in mind, Jupiter is also the morning after hangover, the popped expectation and the over the moon letdown. Yet, we need Jupiter in our lives to imagine and create the philosophies that underpin higher education, the rule of law and spiritual journeys.

Jupiter’s gregarious planetary energy dived deep into the water sign of Scorpio in October 2017 and will gallop into its home fire sign of Sagittarius in November 2018. Bieber was born with Jupiter placed in the 12th house at 14° of Scorpio (inner ring of the above chart). Transiting Jupiter joined in union with Bieber’s natal Jupiter on December 19th (outer ring) and in 2018 will return two more times: June 10, 2018 in retrograde motion and August 9, 2018 in outgoing direct motion.

It takes Jupiter about 11.8 years to travel around the sun and this gas behemoth will spend about a year in each of the 12 zodiacal signs. Thus, a person experiences Jupiter’s return to their natal placement roughly every 12 years. Jupiter naturally calls Sagittarius home, reveling in the element of fire and the mutable mode. In a personal chart, Jupiter’s placement in a house will signify the area of life where a bit of luck, expansion or growth may occur. It’s the sunny side of the street that we cross over to in search of life’s meaning and belief systems. Lurking in the shadows lie grand schemes, empty promises and inflated dreams beyond our capabilities. Hard won wisdom balances Jupiter’s excess and best be acquired along the journey.

Bieber was born with Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio, coloring the usual buoyancy with a deep and passionate thirst for answers to the very questions that make life more meaningful: philosophical theories, educational journeys and spiritual exploration. Will-power aligns with faith and will rescue Bieber at critical moments, with Jupiter’s placement in the 12th house of hidden strengths and weakness. The theme of a hidden Jupiter is emphasized with the placement of Sagittarius within the 1st house – indicating a need to further uncover the archetype’s expression in his immediate physical surroundings and social expression. The planet Pluto’s placement upon the Ascendant angle, and it’s rulership of the chart emphasizes Scorpio traits that Bieber embodies: an intense physical presence and a focused social intelligence. A bit of Jupiter’s sunny optimism and resilient faith will lighten Pluto’s heavy load.

Over the course of a lifetime, a person who lives to age 84 will experience 7 Jupiter returns. At each turn of Jupiter’s wheel, find ways to reintegrate personal belief systems, philosophies and faith within the larger community. Bieber experienced his first Jupiter return at age 11 in 2006. By October 2008, he had a record deal and was well on his way creating the journey that a gifted Sun in Pisces, Moon in heart throb Libra and disciplined Scorpio Ascendant soul might well create.

Now as Bieber approaches his 24th birthday, his 2nd Jupiter rewind asks him to reenter into the social compact. As he answers these questions, Bieber will also be experiencing transiting Jupiter in Scorpio making a trine to his natal Venus in Pisces. Luck in love (Selena, that’s you babe!) and money is an opportunity too good to pass up. Finally throughout 2018, transiting Neptune in Pisces will trine natal Jupiter suggesting that creativity will flow easily now: beats and lyrics should form into song and songs into an album with little difficulty.

With Jupiter’s return it is wise to stay on the sunny side of life while avoiding empty words, grandiose actions and false appearances. Count your blessings, renew your faith and share what wealth and abundance you have with those you love.

Good advice for Justin Bieber and you.


Guillermo del Toro – At Home With Pluto

Guillermo del Toro – film director, screenwriter, creative auteur of fantastical monsters, evil men and empowered women. Who is the man?

The Art Gallery of Ontario’s current exhibit Guillermo del Toro: At Home With Monsters takes “inspiration from del Toro’s extraordinary imagination, reveals his creative process through his personal collection of art, artefacts, books, and props, all culled from Bleak House, del Toro’s creative haven located in Los Angeles.” (    I got a chance to view the show early on a quiet Sunday morning, before the normal crowds arrived. At every turn, del Toro’s genius springs up from the dark shadows of humanity’s beating heart and aligns him with the esoteric power of Pluto.

Born on October 9, 1964 in Guadalajara, Mexico, del Toro has no publically known birth time. As an astrologer though, I believe his work pulsates with the touch of Pluto’s underworld energy. With a bit of fantastical thinking of my own, I’ve chosen to rectify his birth time to 4:37 AM (see chart below), placing his natal new moon in the sign ruled by Pluto, in the critical degree of 29 Scorpio. This moon sits with Neptune in the 3rd house of day to day communication – gifting him with the drive to communicate the underworld energies of this passionate, intense new moon energy.

Pluto also dominates the Virgo ascendant angle in this natal chart – announcing the importance of Scorpion themes that the chart’s ruler, Mercury will communicate in the sphere of its influence, the 10th house of public life and career.  There will also be a need to physically and socially manifest Pluto thru the ASC and 1st house, with Mercurial wit and intelligence balanced on Libra’s fair scales of justice. 

In del Toro’s Wikipedia page, the claim is he picked up his father’s Super 8 camera at age 8 and began to make short films. Note in the dual chart below his natal Saturn is in the 6th house square the 3rd house Scorpio Moon. Del Toro must physically labor in the day to day of life to manifest the moon’s creativity. Around age 8, transiting Saturn in Gemini conjuncted the mid-heaven in three distinct hits and later conjuncted his natal North Node in Gemini, suggesting his early interest in film was no accident but part of a life’s plan.


In astrology land, I often look for serendipity in groups of 3 when working with a chart and more with an unknown birth time. For the purpose of brevity, I have counted the Scorpio moon as #1, the Saturn 10th house transit at age 8 as #2. Now for #3.

Once again as per Wikipedia, in 1997 the 33 y/o del Toro was given a $30 million budget to shoot the film Mimic for Miramax. Following this career coup, his father was kidnapped in Guadalajara, culminating in del Toro and his family’s involuntary exile from Mexico.

Del Toro’s 1977 chart below shows transiting in the 8th house of life and death, Saturn in martial Aries opposes del Toro’s natal Libra Sun located in the 2nd.

Astrology doesn’t necessarily express itself so concretely, but in this quick assessment the pieces fall together nicely. Saturn’s archetype of the elder comes alive:  it is del Toro’s father who is threatened in an 8th house life/death situation. Del Toro was literately forced to make the choice inherent in an opposition and chose a transformative, life giving 8th house move away from his country of birth.

Trick or treat – this is my Halloween gift to you. Know that this natal chart has been creatively rectified to suit a particular interpretation of one person’s birth on a particularly monstrous day. Reader be(a)ware!

The exhibit remains at the AGO until January 7th, 2018. Toronto is a great town for a weekend visit, so consider Guillermo del Toro in the light of both his creative work and natal astrological potential as he beckons you to join him At Home With Monsters.


Saturn Into Capricorn – An Early Welcome

On December 19, 2017 at 11:49 pm in Toronto, Canada, Saturn will return to the sign of its rulership – Capricorn. The Sun will follow suit upon the winter solstice on December 21st around 11:30 am and join in conjunction with the time lord Saturn in the longest night of the year. This festive season will usher in for most of us living upon the shores of Lake Ontario, holiday parties, ice hockey and getaways to warm weather places.

People living in the northern hemisphere experience the holidays as the Sun’s most southern point in declination, followed by the Sun’s slow climb through the winter months and culminating in the balance of the Vernal Equinox. Sagittarian ruler Jupiter wearing the mythic guise of the Holly King is cosmically overcome by the proceeding Capricorn ruler Saturn as the Oak King in Celtic lore. January becomes an earthbound, stern season of sober reflection, befitting the symbolic horned zodiacal Capricorn goat climbing upward along with the sun towards the far off mountain top. Prudent goals are set, elder sages honored, laws and tradition hold sway, and society rewards those who reach the top.

The Midheaven and 10th house in the flat chart are associated with Saturn and Capricorn, representing our public identity and career possibilities. It is here that benefits are received from a person’s 2nd house set of values and resources and the 6th house rewards of vocational toil. Where Saturn is placed in the natal chart and what sign it expresses its planetary energies in is a person’s apprenticeship in this thing called life.

Within the birth chart, Saturn in Capricorn natives are born with an innate sense of limitation, boundaries, rules and the awareness of the inevitable bottom line. Many with this placement will have responsibility thrust upon them early in life. Their parental figures may believe in the value of discipline, family tradition or tribal custom. Too many rules and restrictions may lead the native into fits of anxiety or irrational fear. Others will gradually learn a work in progress approach to life’s many challenges and will slowly master the situation at hand. Aspects to Saturn will bring greater clarity to any interpretation.

How to work with this universal taskmaster? Take the time to understand the myths, archetypes and dynamism of Saturn. Learn more about how a zodiac sign adds to the basic Saturn expression. Then work with house placement and consider Saturn’s sphere of influence in the chart. Add aspects to further define Saturn’s planetary expression.

Finally, consider where Saturn is in the larger 28-29 year cycle it makes in a natal chart. Native Saturn in Capricorn cohorts will be experiencing Saturn returns beginning in the middle of December 2017 thru December 2020. There will be a brief dip into Aquarius beginning mid-March 2020 followed by Saturn’s retrograde movement back into Capricorn in the first few days of July 2020. Brush up on how to read an ephemeris or learn how to use an astrological software program, like Solar Fire.

Astrology is often associated with the prophecy of Uranus but it is the many hours of study that will lead to an understanding and ultimate mastery of Saturn’s energy.

Solar Eclipse Thru Mercury’s Retrograde Wisdom

The mid-August Mercury Retrograde motion turns comprehending light upon the Aug 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse, bringing reexamined clarity when the planet conjoins in conjunction force with Mars in early September.

The great communicator goes SRx in Toronto on August 13, 2017 around 10 PM at 11° of the analytical, earth sign of Virgo.  Time to reevaluate your thinking, communications, speech, and understanding in a practical, no nonsense Virgo like way.  Reassess your own natal chart, identifying where Mercury Rx at 11° of Virgo falls.  This is the area of life that will require your hands-on reexamination. 

The solar eclipse will occur at 2:30 pm here in Toronto on Monday, Aug 21, 2017 at 28°52′ Leo, upon the new moon.  Sweeping, sudden change is possible with all eclipses.  Once again, take your natal chart and observe which house this solar eclipse at 28° of Leo falls and consider what possible transformation may occur.  Be mindful of any natal planets in tight aspect to this eclipse degree point.  Consider the planet’s myths, archetypes and meaning to help you intuit the potential life alterations.

Both Mercury Rx and Mars will transit to the solar eclipse 28° point on Saturday, Sep 2, 2017.  Mercurial reexamination and reassessment will pair with Martian ‘forward ho’ action and suddenly the meaning and manifestation of the summer solar eclipse will shine as brightly as a Leo Sun.  Normal communication patterns commence when Mercury stations direct in Toronto on Tuesday, Sep 5, 2017. 

Lunar Energy: Use It or Loose It.


The new Moon occurs around 8:11 PM in Toronto on Friday, September 30, 2016 in the sign of social balance, Libra. It will culminate in a full Moon at 12:23 AM on Sunday, October 16th in the sign that gets in done first, Aries. Let’s go macro then micro when considering how to practically work with lunar energies.

The Moon moves fast. One lunar orbit around the earth is about 28 days long. Sunlight reflects off the surface of the moon. From our perspective on earth, we see it from different angles as it rotates around us, and have named these the Moon’s phases. It will travel through a zodiacal sign in about 2 ½ days – thus the Moon is the symbolic reflection of humanity’s fluctuating emotions and unconscious dreams and desires.

There are 4 major phases: new, waxing first quarter, full, and waning third quarter. The new Moon phase is about beginnings and initiations. We start fresh under a dark new Moon planting the seeds of new intentions and goals. A certain emotional stillness may be apparent. The Moon grows larger as it waxes towards the first quarter phase, as we concretize those new Moon goals. lunationWith the bright light of a full Moon, it’s time to celebrate achievements, good fortune, and the joy of living. Feelings peak and may over flow. Great time of the month to gather friends and family close. Finally, with the Moon growing smaller, the waning third quarter phase kicks in and it is time to evaluate and learn from both the ups and downs of the lunar month. Compost those goals and intentions, successes and failures and prepare for the next new Moon cycle.

Practical tip #1: on a calendar of your choice (paper, computer, phone, etc.) note the date of each moon phase. Make a notation about your emotional life, dreams, intuitions and gut feelings. One line or one page – just let it flow and make no judgement. Give it a try for two or three lunar cycles and see if an emotional pattern emerges.

Let’s add the nuance to the lunar cycle. The upcoming Libra new Moon suggests that in our emotional lives face to face relationship issues will surface, the desire for social equity may come to the fore, or we may desire emotional balance in our personal connections. Have your natal chart handy? This new Moon is at 8° of Libra. Find where it falls in your natal chart. Is it in the 4th house of family, children, home and tribe? Emphasis will be emotionally centered there around 4th house issues with a particular Libra outlook. This is the emotional tone for this specific lunar cycle.

Now consider where in your natal chart the full Moon will fall. October 16th’s full Moon is at 23° of Aries, the polar opposite in emotional tone and color to a Libra new Moon. Aries is a take charge, dynamic whirl of energy. It is the me to the Libra’s you and I. If it falls in the 10th house of public life, career and social prominence then the party starts there and it brings with it the energy of Aries to fuel the celebration.

Practical tip #2: these are the remaining lunar cycles for Toronto, Canada in 2016. Do a similar calendar exercise as with the Moon’s phases. On the dates of the new and full Moon identify where it falls in your natal chart. The house will signify the area of life to consider and the zodiacal sign will suggest the emotional tone. Write about it. Begin to breathe life into the key astrological meanings. Try it for the remaining of the year. May lunar wisdom ebb and flow through the contours of your daily life.


Autumn Equinox, Jupiter in Libra and Justin Trudeau at the UN


For the northern hemisphere, Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 10:21 EST is the moment of the Autumn Equinox, when the sun is directly over the earth’s equator and night and day are an equal 12 hours. In a heavenly balancing act, astrology moves into the zodiacal sign of Libra at the same moment. The only sign not represented by a mythical or animal figure, Libra attempts equilibrium among the stars. Its quality is cardinal, its element is air:   Libra is uniquely qualified to marshal the resources of Virgo’s harvest of data and public opinion and diplomatically apply it to create harmony in face to face relationships. It could be two people working out a business or personal relationship or two countries attempting a dialogue around a shared problem. Where negotiation and communication is needed to support a joint identity of you and me, there is Libra endeavoring to bring social equity to the “we”.

Jupiter highlights these shared social equity issues as it begins its journey through the sign of Libra. This big gas giant moves through a sign in approximately 12-13 months, with this current stately dance begun a few days ago, September 9, 2016 to be exact and ending in October of 2017. Jupiter grabs center stage and grandly airs its beliefs around higher law, philosophy, spirituality and academics. Jovian energy encourages a broad view, long distance travel and shared excess.

When the tactful character of Libra is applied to Jupiter’s larger than life energies grand social schemes and endeavors that embrace parity and fair play abound. In current global affairs just look to the United Nation’s 71st annual General Assembly and Justin Trudeau’s September 20th maiden speech calling global members “to choose hope over fear, and diversity over division.(1)”  CBC report Matt Kwong calls this a “rebranding of Canada as the progressive, liberal voice of international diplomacy (2)”, while The National Post’s John Ivison states in realpolitik form “The lesson from both Obama and Trudeau is that if everyone just did more nice things, and not so many awful things, things would be much nicer (3).”  Jupiter in Libra steps up to the global affairs plate, swings and… was it a homerun or a ground out?

As Prime Minister, Trudeau is experiencing his own singular transit of Jupiter conjuncting transformative natal Pluto in the 2nd house of personal values, resources and ethics, followed by a square with his natal 5th house Capricorn Sun all in September 2016. Pluto elicits elimination, followed by a state of emptiness leading to renewal and transformation, normally in a person’s deep unconscious. Triggered by larger than life Jupiter amplifying Pluto life lessons, Trudeau’s UN speech may be deeply felt and reveals personal beliefs acquired over a lifetime. He voices these beliefs even as he balances the tensions of public leadership. He is both a private Canuk and the leader of Canada bringing to the global forum a plea for sustainable, shared social justice.jpeg-biw-j-trudeau-natal-transits-sep-26-2016

Take a moment tomorrow to ponder the balance between the light of day and the darkness of night. Tangle with the Librarian scales of fair play, parity and equality in your own personal relationships whether with a particular friend, intimate partner or colleague. Ponder Jupiter’s robust role in your life through the lens of your experiences in higher education, spiritual life, run ins with the law or philosophical outlook. Fall into autumn with the gusto demanded by Jupiter and the delicate balance diplomatically suggested by Libra. Cheers!

(1) Complete speech:

(2) Full article:

(3) Full article:

Alex Newell – This Ain’t Over

Alex Newell, vocalist, dramatist and entertainer extraordinaire. Born August 20, 1992, in Lynn, Massachusetts with birth time unknown, and natal chart cast for 12:00 Noon. Known for being a cast member on the hit show Glee and for soaring vocal performance, Alex’s birth sign of Leo is captured through video via vocal performance fireworks. This is a larger than life lion who will shine against all adversity and who performs with every breathe taken. Taurus Moon brings stability to performance gifts as well as an earthy sensuality. Paired with Jupiter and Venus in discriminating Virgo – weather wearing fur, feathers or a tailored suit – Alex rocks with style and self-aware wit. The outstanding opposition between natal Pluto in Scorpio and Alex’s Moon in Taurus speaks to an intense, larger than an ocean of tears emotional life. Listen to any song Alex embodies – “This Ain’t Over” is a great place to start, and the intensity of this opposition pulses through. I leave you with the latest video to enjoy from Alex – though I guarantee you this outsize Leo soul will be heard with any luck for years to come.

Wendy Williams Swimming Thru Life

1.2 W. Williams jpeg NC

Wendy Williams is a TV and radio entertainment personality who I follow on YouTube. Yes – I’ve cut the cord and for fun I find myself watching all sorts of media on YouTube. Somehow, I found Wendy and have since returned multiple times to listen to this very funny, wise and vulnerable woman.  (Wendy Williams Show)  She was born in Asbury Park, NJ on Saturday, July 18, 1964 under a waxing First Quarter Moon. No birth time is publically known, leading Wendy’s natal chart to be cast at 12:00 N. For a certainty, Wendy was born under a Cancer Sun, with the Moon in Scorpio. Her Ascendant can only be speculated at. When I watch the public persona of Wendy, the entertainer, a bit of the private person shines authentically through. Let’s take a look in more detail.

A Sun in Cancer often displays a sympathetic, sensitive, nurturing personality, often protective of those they love. Mood swings, defensive attitudes, easily slighted – a Cancer Sun’s home normally becomes a private retreat to retire from the world’s burdens. This is a cardinal water sign – there is an uncanny ability to grab and hold tight to material things suggesting the home would be a well-feathered nest of safety and comfort.   A Scorpio Moon brings feelings of intensity and passion to the fore. There is a need for complete, full emotional buy in, whether it is publically shown or held close to the chest. Intuitively, a Scorpio Moon is street wise and savvy, finding ways to ride the ups and downs of life with a certain élan. The First Quarter Moon phase is all about growth. There is an emotional need to act out and express what is important to the outer world. And in this particular natal chart, Neptune in Scorpio is reflected in the Moon’s gaze, leading to the art of illusion along with an ache for emotional fulfillment.

Intuitive, sensitive and most certainly creative, Wendy is successful at maintaining our gaze under the harsh lights of TV and other media. She has overcome drug addiction, fertility issues and career difficulties while sharing her story publically along the way. She has built a brash and talkative career first in radio and now in TV, that allows both for emotional fragility while displaying an unusual awareness towards the people she interviews or dishes about. Finally, financially she appears astute. With bestselling books under her belt, movie and media appearances and a recently launched clothing line on the HSN network, it appears Wendy’s home may indeed reflect a certain level of hard earned comfort. Bravo, Wendy – the potential of your natal chart’s Sun and Moon shines through in such human authenticity.