Astrology Data Organized

How does an astrologer begin to organize all the bits of information that occur in any one span of time? What piece is useful, another just a small fragment of the larger picture? The answer is that each astrologer organizes it individually based upon their working habits.

Personally, I fire up the Solar Fire software program and look at the daily transit chart that magically pops up. From there, I’ll identify key planetary movements and relationships that are important to me, my family, friends and clients.

I think about myth, archetype and modern events and trends. I consider the mundane application of the planetary snapshot in relationship to current events. It is a complicated and surprisingly sophisticated synthesis of astronomy, astrology, world history, anthropology, archeology, myth, archetype and human behavior. The process is active with skills in each area growing and expanding in a never ending cycle of ebb and flow.

Sometimes I’ll create a chart that personalizes ephemeris data, as shown above. Note the use of a lunar calendar, extending the sense of waxing and waning into the thought process. Recently, I’ve begun to study declination and its application to astrology. The next lunar cycle, I hope to include parallel and contra parallel along with out of bounds chart info. True, a pocket ephemeris will tell me roughly the same information – yet it is in the creation of the chart where the learning occurs.

Venus is noted as a morning star, signifying for me the symbolic journey this divine feminine archetype is making towards a superior/exterior conjunction with the sun in January of 2018. The planet Venus will morph into the ancient Sumerian goddess Inanna as She approaches her reign as queen of heaven and earth. Then as an evening star, the planet Venus as Inanna will begin a descent culminating into an underworld journey that ultimately ends in rebirth as a morning star in October of 2018. The planet Mercury is an interior planet with inferior/interior and superior/exterior conjunction cycles and is on my astronomy to learn list in greater detail.

Have I lost you, intrigued you, or confused you? Or perked your interest to begin your own astrological journey of discovery? If intrigued, understand it takes time, dedication, instruction and mentorship to grow in astrology.

In a future post, I’ll share with you some of the many resources available that may help you in your astrological journey.


Solar Eclipse Thru Mercury’s Retrograde Wisdom

The mid-August Mercury Retrograde motion turns comprehending light upon the Aug 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse, bringing reexamined clarity when the planet conjoins in conjunction force with Mars in early September.

The great communicator goes SRx in Toronto on August 13, 2017 around 10 PM at 11° of the analytical, earth sign of Virgo.  Time to reevaluate your thinking, communications, speech, and understanding in a practical, no nonsense Virgo like way.  Reassess your own natal chart, identifying where Mercury Rx at 11° of Virgo falls.  This is the area of life that will require your hands-on reexamination. 

The solar eclipse will occur at 2:30 pm here in Toronto on Monday, Aug 21, 2017 at 28°52′ Leo, upon the new moon.  Sweeping, sudden change is possible with all eclipses.  Once again, take your natal chart and observe which house this solar eclipse at 28° of Leo falls and consider what possible transformation may occur.  Be mindful of any natal planets in tight aspect to this eclipse degree point.  Consider the planet’s myths, archetypes and meaning to help you intuit the potential life alterations.

Both Mercury Rx and Mars will transit to the solar eclipse 28° point on Saturday, Sep 2, 2017.  Mercurial reexamination and reassessment will pair with Martian ‘forward ho’ action and suddenly the meaning and manifestation of the summer solar eclipse will shine as brightly as a Leo Sun.  Normal communication patterns commence when Mercury stations direct in Toronto on Tuesday, Sep 5, 2017. 

August 7, 2017 Lunar Eclipse

Image resultCo-creation is a basic tenant of my astrological practice.  “As above, so below” when reversed becomes “so below, as above” and the polarity is brought to life with active intent.  The lunar eclipse energies of August 7, 2017 bring into private and public life the possibilities for new understanding and external change.  The personal planets of Mercury and Mars bring into focus opportunity’s knock while the outer planets hold their collective breathe.

The August 7th partial lunar eclipse sows the subjective seeds of change with the Sun at 15 degrees of Leo and the Full Moon at 15 degrees of Aquarius.  The dramatic, self-centered and creative will of the ego is in contrast to the humanitarian needs of the collective.  The Sun’s dynamic partner is and will remain  through August the planet Mars, who roars with fixed desire to create alongside the ego’s need to shine.  Note that diminutive Mercury in Virgo will soon turn retrograde and calls for repeated analysis to underpin the passionate script of the solar self and cosmic will.  Venus as a morning star in Cancer, ebbs and flows in sextile to Mercury, adding the value systems of care and nurturance in the ever shifting scrum.

Jupiter in Libra directly squares Pluto in retrograde Capricorn conveying tension between society’s desire for balanced justice against entrenched plutocratic entities struggling with the winds of change.

Uranus retrograde at 28 degrees of Aries loosely trines retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius and will remain there to trine the Solar eclipse later in the month.  This is a wiser, late degree Uranus reevaluating the revolutionary deeds needed to move society along.  In harmony, retrograde Saturn asks for similar reassessment in areas of law, education, philosophies and spiritual value systems.  Talk and walk personal philosophies when Saturn retrogrades in Sagittarius or risk moral doubt and confusion.

The Dragon’s Head beckons at 24 degrees of Leo to those who would reach in acts of creative compassion towards the North Node’s point of possibility.  Acts of empathy and kindness are the keys to unlock the door to this lunar eclipse as the Sun in Leo attempts balance with the full moon in Aquarius.  Choose to see what new opportunities exist when the needs of the individual artist balance with the essential desires of society.

Lunar Energy: Use It or Loose It.


The new Moon occurs around 8:11 PM in Toronto on Friday, September 30, 2016 in the sign of social balance, Libra. It will culminate in a full Moon at 12:23 AM on Sunday, October 16th in the sign that gets in done first, Aries. Let’s go macro then micro when considering how to practically work with lunar energies.

The Moon moves fast. One lunar orbit around the earth is about 28 days long. Sunlight reflects off the surface of the moon. From our perspective on earth, we see it from different angles as it rotates around us, and have named these the Moon’s phases. It will travel through a zodiacal sign in about 2 ½ days – thus the Moon is the symbolic reflection of humanity’s fluctuating emotions and unconscious dreams and desires.

There are 4 major phases: new, waxing first quarter, full, and waning third quarter. The new Moon phase is about beginnings and initiations. We start fresh under a dark new Moon planting the seeds of new intentions and goals. A certain emotional stillness may be apparent. The Moon grows larger as it waxes towards the first quarter phase, as we concretize those new Moon goals. lunationWith the bright light of a full Moon, it’s time to celebrate achievements, good fortune, and the joy of living. Feelings peak and may over flow. Great time of the month to gather friends and family close. Finally, with the Moon growing smaller, the waning third quarter phase kicks in and it is time to evaluate and learn from both the ups and downs of the lunar month. Compost those goals and intentions, successes and failures and prepare for the next new Moon cycle.

Practical tip #1: on a calendar of your choice (paper, computer, phone, etc.) note the date of each moon phase. Make a notation about your emotional life, dreams, intuitions and gut feelings. One line or one page – just let it flow and make no judgement. Give it a try for two or three lunar cycles and see if an emotional pattern emerges.

Let’s add the nuance to the lunar cycle. The upcoming Libra new Moon suggests that in our emotional lives face to face relationship issues will surface, the desire for social equity may come to the fore, or we may desire emotional balance in our personal connections. Have your natal chart handy? This new Moon is at 8° of Libra. Find where it falls in your natal chart. Is it in the 4th house of family, children, home and tribe? Emphasis will be emotionally centered there around 4th house issues with a particular Libra outlook. This is the emotional tone for this specific lunar cycle.

Now consider where in your natal chart the full Moon will fall. October 16th’s full Moon is at 23° of Aries, the polar opposite in emotional tone and color to a Libra new Moon. Aries is a take charge, dynamic whirl of energy. It is the me to the Libra’s you and I. If it falls in the 10th house of public life, career and social prominence then the party starts there and it brings with it the energy of Aries to fuel the celebration.

Practical tip #2: these are the remaining lunar cycles for Toronto, Canada in 2016. Do a similar calendar exercise as with the Moon’s phases. On the dates of the new and full Moon identify where it falls in your natal chart. The house will signify the area of life to consider and the zodiacal sign will suggest the emotional tone. Write about it. Begin to breathe life into the key astrological meanings. Try it for the remaining of the year. May lunar wisdom ebb and flow through the contours of your daily life.


Capricorn Full Moon: Celebrate Community

pablo Capricorn Full MoonThere’s a Capricorn Full Moon tonight in Toronto, placing itself in opposition to a Cancer Sun, both at 27 degrees. A full Moon is a moment of fruition, a seedling that has grown to maturity, an idea whose time has arrived, and a dream come true. In the sign of Capricorn, we may frolic in stately measure with friends and neighbors, celebrating the worldly wisdom of shared community.

Old man Saturn flourishes in this take charge, earth based sign of the goat, reminding us that our fears are only normal and may be overcome with hard work. Climb up, climb over, go under, find a way through – mastery is yours once the task has been learned. Gather like-minded people of good will and together under this Capricorn Full Moon, work towards community goals that promote equity, justice, and good governance. Today we achieve for tomorrow’s future generations.

New Moon Intention Transformed by Pluto

Dare To DreamA New Moon at 12° of Cancer conjoined the Sun today around 7 AM in Toronto. A loose stellium was formed, with Mercury (10° of Cancer) and Venus (20° of Cancer) joining the party. This New Moon births a magical moment of fresh possibility, aligned with the Sun’s life giving power, Mercury’s gift of communication and Venus’ personal expression of values and resources. Cancer requires us to nurture, gestate and grow the new intention in the rich soil of our imagination. Gently fertilize with compassion, water with inspiration and let it grow into a sustained achievement in the light of a Capricorn Full Moon on July 19th.

The challenge lies in the opposition of Pluto to this New Moon stellium. In retrograde motion at 16° of Capricorn, Pluto asks for deep, irrevocable transformation while we climb towards achievement’s summit. Eliminate life’s excess baggage, release old fears and destructive habits, and relish the new state of emptiness. Let the ebb and flow of the Cancer New Moon tide gradually wash over you and usher in the sustained achievements that Pluto in Capricorn demands.

Take your natal chart and observe in which house the New Moon stellium falls, along with the house where Pluto is slowly moving through. The house’s sphere of activity or influence will give you a clue as to the type of New Moon intentions to set and the place where Pluto’s transformational demands will slowly evolve.

Man at MacbookWrite your New Moon intention down in a lunar journal. Each night, observe the waxing moon as it grows in fullness and note the interior changes and exterior transformations. Be non-judgmental and compassionate as you journey through the lunar cycle. Identify the first quarter, full moon, third quarter and balsamic moons, embracing the symbology of each part of the ancient lunar cycle. What does it mean to wax towards fullness, to gain full moonlight, to shrink in size and move towards darkness once more? How do you apply it to the set intention and to the larger life’s journey? Turn the magic into praxis with pen to paper or typed word into a computer entry. Above all, nurture the New Moon self to sustain the community of the Capricorn Full Moon later mid-month.

Aries New Moon – Full Speed Ahead?

71 Man  Run Alley Grafitti WallThe New Moon emerged in Aries today with the Sun, at 7:24 AM in Toronto. Aries lights the primal fire within and with the Moon and Sun encourages us to align our hearts and minds into direct action. Start your engines and prepare for takeoff, the ram knows only full speed ahead towards the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 22nd. Scorpio desires the realization of our dreams, the fulfillment of our goals and has the intense discipline to pull it off.

This beginning moon cycle is aligned in conjunction with Uranus in Aries, and trine Saturn in Sagittarius. There may be no moonlight, but fire aplenty as Uranus welcomes change and Saturn harmonizes it into reality. Pluto squares the Moon to provide a bit of tension. Is the developing intent of this Moon bound by brute power or transcendent nurturance?

The key is to note Mar’s retrograde movement in Sagittarius beginning April 17th. As we stand under the evening sky, Mars appears to be going backward from our earthly perspective. Psychologically, this is the moment to slow down the blazing drive to the finish line, revise your actions, and rethink your goals. Full Moon perfection is still possible if the Aries will of the New Moon aligns with the transcendent polarity of unselfish Scorpion desire.