Capricorn Full Moon: Celebrate Community

pablo Capricorn Full MoonThere’s a Capricorn Full Moon tonight in Toronto, placing itself in opposition to a Cancer Sun, both at 27 degrees. A full Moon is a moment of fruition, a seedling that has grown to maturity, an idea whose time has arrived, and a dream come true. In the sign of Capricorn, we may frolic in stately measure with friends and neighbors, celebrating the worldly wisdom of shared community.

Old man Saturn flourishes in this take charge, earth based sign of the goat, reminding us that our fears are only normal and may be overcome with hard work. Climb up, climb over, go under, find a way through – mastery is yours once the task has been learned. Gather like-minded people of good will and together under this Capricorn Full Moon, work towards community goals that promote equity, justice, and good governance. Today we achieve for tomorrow’s future generations.