Astrology Data Organized

How does an astrologer begin to organize all the bits of information that occur in any one span of time? What piece is useful, another just a small fragment of the larger picture? The answer is that each astrologer organizes it individually based upon their working habits.

Personally, I fire up the Solar Fire software program and look at the daily transit chart that magically pops up. From there, I’ll identify key planetary movements and relationships that are important to me, my family, friends and clients.

I think about myth, archetype and modern events and trends. I consider the mundane application of the planetary snapshot in relationship to current events. It is a complicated and surprisingly sophisticated synthesis of astronomy, astrology, world history, anthropology, archeology, myth, archetype and human behavior. The process is active with skills in each area growing and expanding in a never ending cycle of ebb and flow.

Sometimes I’ll create a chart that personalizes ephemeris data, as shown above. Note the use of a lunar calendar, extending the sense of waxing and waning into the thought process. Recently, I’ve begun to study declination and its application to astrology. The next lunar cycle, I hope to include parallel and contra parallel along with out of bounds chart info. True, a pocket ephemeris will tell me roughly the same information – yet it is in the creation of the chart where the learning occurs.

Venus is noted as a morning star, signifying for me the symbolic journey this divine feminine archetype is making towards a superior/exterior conjunction with the sun in January of 2018. The planet Venus will morph into the ancient Sumerian goddess Inanna as She approaches her reign as queen of heaven and earth. Then as an evening star, the planet Venus as Inanna will begin a descent culminating into an underworld journey that ultimately ends in rebirth as a morning star in October of 2018. The planet Mercury is an interior planet with inferior/interior and superior/exterior conjunction cycles and is on my astronomy to learn list in greater detail.

Have I lost you, intrigued you, or confused you? Or perked your interest to begin your own astrological journey of discovery? If intrigued, understand it takes time, dedication, instruction and mentorship to grow in astrology.

In a future post, I’ll share with you some of the many resources available that may help you in your astrological journey.