Dragon Heart Astrology is about passionate astrological counsel. 

Dragon Heart Astrology is a practice that aligns the natural cycles of earth with the cosmic patterns of the Tropical zodiac, constant at the Vernal Equinox point of 0 degrees Aires. It is a Western perspective – differing from a Vedic or Eastern approach using the positions of signs aligned with fixed stars.   It is life affirming, potential driven and future forward even as it looks to the past and lives in the present.

17 Woman Mountain Sky

Why Dragon Heart and not Unicorn Horn?

Dragons are a cross-cultural myth representing the primal forces of nature aligned with spirit. They encompass all four of the astrological elements of fire, earth, air and water. With their fiery breath, dragons perch atop high mountain peaks and alight with the wind to fly downward to swim through clear lakes and oceans blue.

Their legendary wisdom and longevity speak to their cosmic integration of the cardinal, fixed and mutable natures. Dragons remain with us today when the magic of a ley line points to an ancient burial or worship site.   Or when an old tale told around a campfire leads the listener’s heart up into the night sky alight with the hunter Orion, searching in vain for his fellow constellation of Scorpio.

Dragon Heart Astrology seeks to empower the individual to find their path through the heart of astrology. 

A person’s natal or birth chart is the living, breathing myth embodied in the now.   An individual 360 degree zodiacal mandala expressing the potential inherent in a life’s story. The Sun, Moon, planets and star constellations that form the 12 signs of the zodiac are fixed in time and space with a person’s first breathe and then move on, continuing their transits along the earth’s ecliptic. Life moves on, a person grows and with it the need to understand their place in the larger system. 

Ask a question, seek an answer, search for direction, empower yourself through Dragon Heart Astrology.